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O.K. last nights W.A.S.P./Fatal Smile/ Liquid Violence show was kick ass. I was surprised at the small turn out and the fact the show was not canceled. I am serious there was at best 100 paying customers there. But every metal head in RVA missed one hell of a show.

Kicking off the show was Liquid Violence. They were really good "power thrash" trio. hailing from NYC they had that old NYC enegery that I am used to seeing out of bands like Anthrax. In fact talking with these guys they basically cut their teeth listening to bands like Anthrax, Metallica, Black Flag, Black Sabbath, and Motorhead it was clear by their stage presence and sound these guys could mix it up. One could detect some 80s cross over stuff in their sound bits of Suicidal Tendencies and D.R.I. came through as well. The singer/guitarist looks like a young James Hatfield with a rounder face and a voice that reminds you of a young Hatfield as well. I was pretty impressed with this trio out of NYC and was very much enjoyed my chat with the singer and drummer! Very approachable fun guys they have a good attitude about what they are doing! I hope they reach their dreams.

Fatal Smile from Stockholm can we say Motley Crue tribute band? Their look made them seem as if they were transported from about 1989 and they walked off the back of the Dr. Feel Good album. However, despite their hair metal looks (The bass looked like a young Nikki Six, Singer looked like a young Vince Neil, the Guitarist was ugly like Mick Mars and the drummer breaks the total motley crue look but hey close enough.) They put on a good show even if they struggled some with rapping with the adiuance the word Virginia tripped the singer up some. But all in all they sounded great and had well an updated hair metal sound. I really dug them and they did do an impressive set winning over the crowd pretty quickly.

W.A.S.P.: 15 years ago W.A.S.P. really guitarist/singer/song writer Blackie Lawless released The Crimson Idol album. A concept album about Johnathan a throw away child that his parents didn't want nor did they understand. Who's older brother the only person in his eye who gave a fuck about him died in a car accident and his rise to stardom and how his star burned brightly and hot but burned out just as fast. In the end he comes to the realization that without the approval of his parents especially his father (i was never the Crimson Idol, it was my father he is the idol) without any love at all life is not worth living and he hangs himself at a concert using the strings from his guitar. He wanted to become the Crimson Idol to the eyes of millions, but in the end none of that could kill the pain in his heart. A theme repeated through the album with the lyrics "Love, where's the love to shelter me, only love can set me free". In the end this is a tragic story. To add some power to the story and to the theatical effect to the live show for the tour they use B&W footage shot on real film playing in the back ground to illiastrate some points. Actaully the footage plays through out the show and the music played live is the sound track and tells the story of the images. Quite impressive if you think about it. A live concert a rock opera that has to be timed just right to match up with the images on the screen this is video so it runs at a constant speed it isn't still shots or slides that can be controlled to match if the band slows or speeds up. Blackie Lawless and the band touring as W.A.S.P. are top notch at what they do. The closed out the show with three greatest hits songs: L.O.V.E. Machine, Wild Child and Blind in Texas. The people attending I think for the most part were more into the last three songs than the first ten. I was there to see, here and witness the rise and fall of The Crimson Idol. For me and many fans this album is Blackie's master piece. His, "The Wall" it is rare in metal that a band can achieve a coherent concept album. Blackie, draws on personal experinces and the lives of others around him to build his story one that is fictional, however, very real and very believable.

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